Monday, 15 February 2016

Expressive Art Training Level 2 Certificate
Summer 2016
July 15 - 28, 2016
9:00 - 5:00

First Four Days: Grounding and Deepening
The first four days invites a reconnection with the roots of the expressive arts experience.  We will return to the foundations of intermodal expressive arts theory to deepen and expand the meaning within the specialization of choice - therapist or facilitator.  As the roots deepen the branches flourish as our expressive arts identity is explored and cultivated through presenting case studies, facilitating groups, and engaging in a therapy session as therapist.  

Middle Four Days: Embodying the Identity of the Expressive Arts Therapist/Facilitator
These middle four days takes us on a creative journey to embody the identity and clinical skills unique to both the therapist and facilitator of expressive arts.  Through the use of figure making and clowning techniques we come to know ourselves and the craft of the expressive arts in a deeper way.  The expressive arts training group allows students to practice and receive feedback, critical to professional growth and expanding practice wisdom.

Final Four Days: Flourishing and Beyond
The final four days unfold with a focus on pulling all the learnings together, then moving out into the world with your new tools in hand and heart to either begin, expand or continue your unique expression of your expressive arts practice.  This is a very personal process that will mean something different for each student.   You will have the opportunity to work on your own business plan and learn marketing strategies.  Supervision sessions as well as exploring ethical issues in expressive arts is part of the final four days.

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